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Struggle For A Humane Society
Author : P.G. Jogdand and S.M. Michael (Eds.)
ISBN : 81-7033-815-8
Edition : 2003
Pages : 292
Price : Rs.650 / US$45
Binding : Hardback
Territory : World
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Globalization is a reality now. Every aspect of human life is getting affected by this process. Religion, culture and nation are challenged to reorient themselves to the newly emerging global order. Economic activities and power relationships of societies and communities are also getting reorganized to this process. Globalization is a double-edged sword. It has exciting possibilities and can also usher in unprecedented miseries. Globalization, which brings the secular and liberal culture, creates a troubled relationship between native and international. The claim of the emergence of a global culture is accompanied by cries of alarm that local values and nation-states are suffering a sense of threat to identity. Much environmental damage has also assumed global dimensions.

Do intellectuals have a role to play in analyzing these varied implications? If this process is inevitable, could we make it more humane and just? Social movements could help towards this.

This book presents a systematic analysis on this subject. Combining sophisticated theoretical orientation with a wealth of empirical research, this volume brings together essays on the religious, cultural, national, dalit, women and environmental movements in the context of globalization.

This incisive and timely collection will attract a very wide readership, particularly among sociologists, political scientists, social anthropologists and environmental scientists, as also those dealing with human rights, social movements and the dalit phenomenon.


P.G. Jogdand is Professor and Head, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai. His previous publications include Dalit Movement in Maharashtra, Dalit Women: Issues and Perspectives, and New Economic Policy and Dalits. He has also published several papers on human rights and empowerment of weaker sections.

S.M. Michael is Reader, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai. He is also the Honorary Director of the Institute of Indian Culture, Mumbai. His previous publications include Culture and Urbanization, Anthropology as a Historical Science, and Dalits in Modern India: Vision and Values, besides over 50 articles published in national and international journals.

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