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Behavioural Insights
Author : Parul Rishi (Ed.)
ISBN : 81-316-0261-3
Edition : 2009
Pages : 244
Price : Rs.575 / US$40
Binding : Hardback
Territory : World
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This book is motivated by the belief that psychology has much to contribute in offering behavioural insights to recent environmental issues which are threatening the very existence and quality maintenance of planet earth.  Due to the limited awareness of people regarding potential of behavioural sciences in offering solutions to environmental problems, much of the environmental issues are oscillating in the hands of technological experts, still longing for lasting solutions.  This book brings together the perspectives of psychologists, environmental scientists, corporate managers and natural resource conversationists to culminate into a chain of thoughts, which take an integrative approach in balancing interrelationship between people and environment.  The contents of book are varied ranging from hardcore theories to consumptive behaviour of people, and their mind-set, corporate social responsibility, environmental leadership skills and well-being. What makes this book unique in terms of its approach is the inclusion of recent environmental problems like global warming, climate change and urban environment stress and offering their behavioural solutions.

The book, having a research oriented facet will encourage researchers in the field for taking up concerned issues and offer universally desirable new behavioural insights into environmental problems.


Parul Rishi, PhD in Psychology is Assistant Professor  of  Human Resource Management at  Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal . She is a prolific writer and has published over 60 papers in different international/national journals and volumes. She has also been the recipient of several awards bestowed on her by national and international organizations.

Currently, she is engaged in teaching, training, research and consulting assignments focusing primarily on behavioural perspectives of forest and environmental issues, stress management and personality development, environmental leadership and corporate social responsibility.

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