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Issues and Challenges
Author : U. Kalpagam and Jaya Arunachalam (Eds.)
ISBN : 81-316-0194-3
Edition : 2008
Pages : 296
Price : Rs.650 / US$45
Binding : Hardback
Territory : World
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Transformations in rural India have ushered in water and fodder scarcity that have undoubtedly increased the drudgery of rural women’s life. Increasingly, they also face greater livelihood insecurity on account of market forces and liberalization policies, and greater restrictions on access to resources such as land, water, forests and village commons. With livelihood insecurity, there is food insecurity as well. Given the complementarities of patriarchy, caste and class, women of the poorest classes of marginalized Dalit and tribal communities bear much of the brunt of these insecurities, even as they also face severe restrictions on mobility and myriad forms of violence. With the greater participation of civil society organizations, engaged in gender transformative approaches and participatory development, some favourable outcomes have been derived, but it is hardly sufficient to address the scale and dimensions of the problem. It is against this backdrop the book deals with issues of livelihood and food insecurity, efficacy of micro-credit and other kinds of interventions, and offers critical perspectives on the issues that challenge rural women’s lives.

U. Kalpagam is Professor at the G. B. Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad. She has published extensively on gender and development issues among others, including Labour and Gender: Survival in Urban India (1994). She has also co-edited Labour and Poverty (2004), Development and Empowerment (2006) and Rural Women in South Asia (2007).

Jaya Arunachalam is Founder and President of Working Women’s Forum (India). A leading activist and development professional, she has been a spokesperson for poor women, and her grassroots mobilization strategy has spearheaded a movement of poor women using micro-credit intervention. She is the recipient of numerous awards nationally and internationally. She has published Women’s Equality (2005) and co-edited Rural Women in South Asia (2007).

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