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Concept and Theory Building
Author : Priti Nath Saxena
ISBN : 978-81-316-0847-0
Edition : 2017
Pages : 168
Price : Rs.595 / US$45
Binding : Hardback
Territory : World
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The book vividly captures dalan (oppression) at a trans-caste level faced by people globally. The idea in presenting this Dalit Paradigm is to understand the word Dalit in a holistic manner rather than confining it to only caste.
The interplay between domination and oppression is presented through critical and objective analyses from national and international news. A New Social Theory (NST) has been derived, based on both hypothetical and empirical analyses.
A trans-caste philosophy based on intertextuality has been introduced by relating the term Dalit to the texts from Plato to contemporary political theorists. The history of political elevation of Dalits and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is comprehensively essayed and laced with footnotes.
The trans-caste concept is universal in scope. The text brings to light, for the first time, the Neo-Caste Realist Theory, Neo-Liberal Caste Approach, Degree of Dalan and Eclipse Theory along with their application in current politics.
With an interdiscplinary touch, this book will attract both Indian and foreign academicians, research scholars, analysts, journalists and leaders of political parties.
This trans-caste paradigm will trigger a new debate in the coming years for the betterment of society in the world.
1    Political Elevation of Dalits
2    Neo-Caste Realist Theory
3    Dalit Philosophy: A Trans-Caste Concept
4    The Eclipse Theory: Past to Post-Stage
5    Conclusions and Suggestions

Priti Nath Saxena, a senior academician of Political Science, earned her doctorate in Dalit Politics from Panjab University, Chandigarh. During her academic career, nearing a quarter of a century, she has been entrusted with teaching graduate and postgraduate students in Government College, Panchkula (Haryana). A subject expert with the Haryana Public Service Commission, her areas of expertise include Dalit politics, social theory and the nexus of state and national politics. She has completed two minor research projects of University Grants Commission. Dr Nath has been invited to present papers and serve as a resource person at various seminars. Some of her research articles have been published in journals and books.
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