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Tribes in Contemporary India
Author : N.K. Das (Ed)
ISBN : 9788131605806
Edition : 2013
Pages : 472
Price : Rs.1295 / US$80
Binding : Hardback
Territory : World
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Discourses on social exclusion, discrimination and inequality have emerged as defining characteristics of the 21st century social sciences. Tribes of India are subjected to various forms of exclusion and discrimination. Tribes living in the midst of castes encounter even more deeply embedded exclusion and deprivation.
Based on fieldwork, 24 in-depth village studies elucidate these issues in terms of collapse of livelihood opportunities and multiple practices of discrimination and denial rooted in economic, social and ritual spheres in this volume. In order to clarify concurrently intra-tribe, inter-tribe as also tribe-caste discrepancy, tribes are studied in numerous locations in rural India, including plains, hills and islands. 
Articles in this volume explain how the tribespeople have steadily resisted the persistent repression and adopted strategies to defy ill-treatment. Affirmative action programmes, strengthening of statutory councils and electoral politics, diffusion of secular values and democratization processes have all facilitated tribespeople to show determination and fight for their rights. The rising trend of Adivasi awakening is a defining characteristic of contemporary India. Tribespeople are no longer silent spectators of coercion.
The book thus offers an insightful understanding of tribal survival strategies, social exclusion, discrimination and inequality. Scholars of Indian Sociology, Anthropology, History, Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Indigenous/Adivasi Studies will immensely benefit from this book.

1 Authority Pattern, Hybridization Process and Emerging Inequality in Nicobar Islands / A. Justin
2 Economic Deprivation, Occupational Innovations and Growing Social Stratification among the Lalungs of Assam / G.C. Ojha
3 Inter-Ethnic Competition, Deprivation and Changing Power Configurations / Sarit Kumar Chaudhury
4 Chieftainship, Vaishnavism and New Political System among the Noctes of Arunachal Pradesh / R.P. Athparia
5 Immigrant Encroachment, Economic Deprivation and Cultural Squeezing / J. Chakraborty
6 Matriliny, Christianity and Economic Inequality / Bibhash Dhar
7 Changing Village Economy, Religious Conversion and Social Exclusion / Krishna Mandal
8 ‘Primitive’ Economy, Politicization Process and Emerging Stratification among the Riangs of Tripura / Goutam Kumar Bera
9 Culture-Contact and Emerging Middle Class among the Santals / K. Mukhopadhyay
10 Economic Discrimination, Social Exclusion and Caste Hierarchy / S. Chanda
11 Adivasi Economy, Slow Impact of Development and Discrimination / D.P. Biswas
12 Social Exclusion, Discrimination and Tribe-Caste Hierarchy / D.B. Mondal
13 Foraging to Agriculture / Md. Azeez Mohidden and G.V. Ramana
14 Inter-Tribal Competition and Status Ranking among the Koya and Lambadi of Andhra Pradesh / M. Rajendra Prasad
15 Pre-Agricultural Economy, Deprivation and NGO induced Empowerment / S.N. Mahato
16 Pastoral Clanship, Regional Hierarchy and Social Exclusion / Sibir Ranjan Das
17 Adivasi Solidarity, Social Movement and Empowerment / R.K. Sinha
18 Economic Deprivation, Adivasi Solidarity and Syncretic Religion / Tamal Maity
19 Sectarian Movements, Changing Economic Relations and Inequality / Rajendra Sarkar
20 Poverty, Social Exclusion and Culture-Change / Tilak Bagchi
21 Changing Tribe-Caste Stratification and Secularization of

N.K.Das is former Deputy Director and Visiting Fellow, Anthropological Survey of India. Author of several books, his research papers are also published in scientific journals and edited volumes. He has participated in several international seminars both in India and abroad. He has also scripted and directed some ethnographic films.  He had earlier edited the Journal of Social Anthropology.

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